Welcome to JIB Medical!

Welcome to JIB Medical!

From the Chief Medical Officer,
Michael E. Makover, MD, FACP

JIB Medical is now a modernized medical center offering the most up-to-date and cutting edge concepts and technology to help all participants in the PHBP live longer and healthier lives. 

We are dedicated to preventing illness and helping you solve problems when they occur and before they occur.

Time for you: Our doctors give patients time and care, with at most eight patients in a day. 

Radiology: Our radiology department does most standard x-rays and sonograms, plus screening mammograms, tests for bone density for osteoporosis and measures of fat and muscle.  

Primary care from experts: Our carefully selected Board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine give you expert, up-to-date medical advice and, if you wish, you can choose one to serve as your primary care doctor.

Specialists: We also offer gynecological check-ups and podiatry consultations. We have a dietician who is also a diabetes educator. Acupuncture for pain-management is available.

Optical benefits: Participants are entitled to a yearly optical benefit, with our optometrists and a branch of Jena Optical onsite.

Help with stress, smoking and insomnia: We offer the most modern and effective approaches to help in these areas. 

Caring staff: We have added a very strong and patient-oriented management team and our staff is very caring, friendly and skilled.  Our motto is: We are here to help you!

Other Wellness programs: Our Wellness Coordinator conducts popular workshops and other programs.

Cancer care with MSK Direct: This new affiliation provides advice and timely services at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer centers. Contact MSK Direct at (844) 506-0587.

We are here to help!

JIB Medical, P.C.
158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Ave.
Flushing, NY 11365