The New & Improved JIB Medical

Come and experience the new, improved JIB Medical


An update on progress from the Chief Medical Officer, Michael E. Makover, MD, FACP

JIB’s medical facility began over 60 years ago as a minor diagnostic center for limited purposes.  It has evolved remarkably since then, and over the past five years it has been almost totally redesigned and enhanced.

It is now a 21st century advanced medical center offering the most up-to-date and cutting edge concepts and technology to help all participants in the PHBP live longer and healthier lives.

It has two purposes: to help patients solve medical problems and to help all participants prevent problems and keep healthy and fit for long lives.

Among the many changes are:

Time for you: Our doctors give patients time and caring. No assembly lines here. Our doctors see at most eight patients in a day, rather than the 20-35 commonly seen almost everywhere else. They have an hour for complete check-ups, a half hour for routine visits, and lots of ancillary help so doctors concentrate on you, not bureaucracy and non-medical tasks.

A new electronic health system: We have a very modern electronic medical record system (eClinicalWorks), but designed so that computer time is minimized to avoid interfering with your care.

Radiology: Our radiology department does almost any standard x-ray and sonogram study with the most up-to-date equipment. We also do screening mammograms and tests for bone density for osteoprosis. We also offer an easy-to-do Body Composition Test, which helps you understand your balance of healthy muscle and unhealthy fat.

Primary care from experts: Our carefully selected Board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine give you expert, up-to-date medical advice and, if you wish, you can choose one to serve as your primary care doctor, or they can help your own doctor take care of you.

Specialists: We also offer gynecological check-ups and podiatry consultations. We have a dietician who is also a diabetes educator.

Optical benefits: Participants are entitled to a yearly optical benefit and we have optometrists on staff. Jena Optical maintains an office across the street in the Electchester Shopping Center.

Help with stress, smoking and insomnia: Dr Mariusz Mikulec has long offered acupuncture for pain relief, but he is also very expert and skilled in stress reduction techniques. They help with everyday stresses, with periods of unusually high stress, and related problems, and insomnia. He is also part of our very user-friendly Smoking Cessation Program.

A modern facility: The facility has been completely renovated and modernized.

Caring staff: We have added a very strong and patient-oriented management team and our staff is very caring, friendly and skilled.  Our motto is: We are here to help you!

Wellness: We now have a wealth of wellness programs, under the direction of our Wellness Coordinator.  She works with our dieticians and Dr. Mikulec. She coordinates Lighten Up!, our pilot science-based weight-loss program in association with Weill Cornell (described separately in this newsletter).

Cancer care - MSK Direct: This is a new affiliation with the world-renowned cancer center, Memorial Sloan Kettering. It helps you be seen very quickly and with all the expert advice and caring you need when facing such a serious illness. The contact number is (844) 506-0587.

This is only a brief description of our exciting new JIB Medical. We will be issuing a complete guide to JIB Medical services in the future.

We invite you to come and make full use of this invaluable benefit that union members and their contractors have worked so hard to provide.

We are here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fasting instructions for a fasting bloodwork?

For routine annual exam blood work, patients can come in without fasting, but it is very important to tell us if you have eaten. The food intake prior to blood tests should be very modest and not greasy or over-sugared.

Eating affects blood sugar, but if we know you have eaten, we can adjust for that. Blood draw after eating does not affect cholesterol levels, but does give us a better idea of your level of triglycerides (blood fats)

Some tests must be fasting, which means no food of any kind. If fasting, you should take lots of water and any medicines you are on.

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