New Weight Loss Program at JIB Medical

Lighten Up! is an effective online weight management program based on 30+ years of medical research.

Our benefit plan, PHBP, has made this program available to all covered members and staff 18 years and older. Lighten Up! was created by Dr. Louis Aronne, Founder and Director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center (CWCC at Weill Cornell). He is a leading expert in weight management.    

The program includes:

  • Regular meetings with a live Registered Dietician from the CWCC via phone
  • Educational sessions, videos and resources
  • Secure HIPAA compliant collaboration tools including text and email
  • Behavioral and activity tracking for nutrition and exercise
  • Visits with a weight management specialist doctor at JIB medical, as needed

The program has successfully been utilized by many of our Plan participants and is now an ongoing weight management program.

Here’s what some of our members are already saying about their experiences after 1 year of less on the Lighten Up! Program.

  • “This program is such an amazing cycle for a better way of living.  I’m not always hungry so I eat less and eat the right foods. I now know to always eat vegetables and protein first l. Because I see the scale moving I am walking so much more.  I’m enjoying life so much more.  I’m so appreciative for this program”.  Margaret B.

  • “This program has transformed my life in so many ways. I feel more energized, confident, even sexy sometimes lol. I’m no longer on blood pressure medication, I’m never hungry on this program; and this is only part of my journey”. Gina K.
  • “I’m wearing a smaller uniform now, and I feel wonderful.  As a diabetic my insulin levels has gone down by 10 units and so has my sugar level.  The Lighten Up program has been the best thing for me to lose weight”. Phyllis O.

     Here’s A Lighten Up Weight Management Success Story    

You may download a copy of the Lighten Up! application by clicking the application download link below.

Download Lighten Up! application

 To submit your completed application simply:

Hand deliver to: The Wellness office at JIB Medical Receptionist, on 2nd flr

Fax:  718-820-0292

Mail: JIB Wellness Program - 158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Ave, Jr., Flushing, NY 11365


For more information about the program please call (718) 591-2000 Ext. 1408

Or Email: